Thursday, 12 January 2012

Reporting for duty...

Hello once again,

Today I have used the Nike Training App once again and completed one of their smaller 15 minute training sessions which I downloaded for free on the app. These are really good little ones that are easy to fit it. I couldn't face doing a 30 minute workout as my limbs are aching a bit due to me starting to workout again.

One thing I have noticed is that for some of the workouts you need a set of weights or a weight ball but I have decided I will improvise,even if it is awful improvisation. I am currently using water bottles and a basketball, and you may be wondering if they work and I think they do!

So day three is complete and well this is the longest I have stuck to a 'health kick' and like the cliche goes, it gets easier, which it does. My reason for not sticking to any past tries at this is due to me not seeing any results straight away. I am very impacient but I realised being slow and steady wins the cliche'ell today.

I have slowly started to eat healthier slowly but I am not being very strict at the moement as I am trying to get the exercise part right first then I will be stricter on the eating.

But as promised I have my first Breakfast suggestion, [ I will do some lunch and dinner ones soon too accompanied by my efforts :) ]


This is a scrummy yummy idea for breakfast.

Click Here For Banana Bread Recipe I Use

This will last fora couple of days and you can have a couple of slices with some fruit juice for a great, healthy start to the day, and it won't leave your tummy grumbling after an hour like some healthy breakfasts do!

Poppy xx

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