Tuesday, 10 January 2012

My Little Introduction...

Hello Lovelies,

2012 has already begun and resolutions have been made, some also broken and some not started, like mine. My new years resolution was to lose weight and get healthier and fitter, and yes you may say this is like 20 million other peoples resolution. It's a simple one but by no way easy.

I am an 18 year old student and over the past couple of years, going through college and taking numerous exams I have notcied my weight slowly increase and it's something I have let slide but recently I have decided I am not happy. I want to be a weight I am happy and confident with, not super skinny but a comfortable weight.

My goal-

I have a girls holiday coming up in the Summer holidays [July/August] and I want to look and feel confident in what I wear, whether it be a bikini or shorts. I have decided to start my health kick tomorrow and hopefully continue it.

Why Am I Doing This Blog?

I am doing this to motivate myself first and foremost. Seeing it written or typed is something permanant and will hopefully help me push through it, even when it gets hard, which inevitably it will. If there is anyone in my position or just generally wanted to be healthier or see how I go them I would love to here about how your doing.

So hopefully I can give you guys some tips and tricks I have learnt along the way, updates, motivation, good workout apps/programmes/DVD's and song ideas to add to your workout playlist.

Poppy xx

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