Friday, 13 January 2012

Is It Day Four Already?...

Hey Beautifuls,

How are we all today? So today has been a bit of a lazy day so far. No exercise has been completed as of yet but the day is not over yet and I plan to get on and do a 30 minute workout tonight before Dinner. I am planning to not doing any exercise at the weekend due to work, so I will be strict on eating healthily which will be very hard because I have the will poweer of well... nothing. Any tips on how to stay away from bad foods?

So anyway we are coming to the weekend and thats the time when most people typically splurge on over indulgent foods like roast dinners and takeaways etc... I know from a lot of experience. It will be hard if you are trying to be healthy to stay away from these temptations but you could try a roast dinner but without the extras of pigs in blanket and roast potatoes and go for more greens (I know it won't be as nice but it's better than other things).

I am currently now trying to introduce drinking 8 glasses of water a day. My plan is one in the morning, one before lunch, two with lunch, one in the afternoon, 2 with dinner and one in the evening. I'll let you know how I get on with that one.

If your struggling at the moment why no get some inspriration, like a celeb from a magazine. (Pictures from More! and Look)

Hope you're all having a fabulous day.

Poppy xx

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Reporting for duty...

Hello once again,

Today I have used the Nike Training App once again and completed one of their smaller 15 minute training sessions which I downloaded for free on the app. These are really good little ones that are easy to fit it. I couldn't face doing a 30 minute workout as my limbs are aching a bit due to me starting to workout again.

One thing I have noticed is that for some of the workouts you need a set of weights or a weight ball but I have decided I will improvise,even if it is awful improvisation. I am currently using water bottles and a basketball, and you may be wondering if they work and I think they do!

So day three is complete and well this is the longest I have stuck to a 'health kick' and like the cliche goes, it gets easier, which it does. My reason for not sticking to any past tries at this is due to me not seeing any results straight away. I am very impacient but I realised being slow and steady wins the cliche'ell today.

I have slowly started to eat healthier slowly but I am not being very strict at the moement as I am trying to get the exercise part right first then I will be stricter on the eating.

But as promised I have my first Breakfast suggestion, [ I will do some lunch and dinner ones soon too accompanied by my efforts :) ]


This is a scrummy yummy idea for breakfast.

Click Here For Banana Bread Recipe I Use

This will last fora couple of days and you can have a couple of slices with some fruit juice for a great, healthy start to the day, and it won't leave your tummy grumbling after an hour like some healthy breakfasts do!

Poppy xx

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Hello again lovelies,

Well as promised I started my 'Health Kick' today and I am quickly ticking things off my checklist. I have just done a 30 minute workout using the Nike Training App on my IPhone. This app is completly FREE, yes I said free and has no extra costs hidden in like some other apps do.

This app is much better than I expected. One problem I had before was I just didn't know how  to 'workout'.Yes that sounds utterly stupid but being young, and not going to a gym it was hard for me to try and find a workout that was quick, easy and cheap (well it was free!)

This app has 4 areas.

I decided to go with 'Get Lean' as it's high in cardio and my reasons for doing this is the lose weight. So once you have chosen one you can pick beginner, intermediate, and advanced depending on what you feel is right for you. I chose intermediate and then there are various workouts from 30 minutes to 45t minutes. You can set your own music in the background and just crack on with it. Quick and easy.

Now 30 minutes was still tough for me so I need some good tunes to get me through. Cheesy, maybe so but it helps me through.

Feel So Close- Calvin Harris
Flashback- Calvin Harris
Good Life- One Republic
Marry the Night- Lady Gaga
Good Feeling- Flo Rida
All About Tonight- Pixie Lott

So day one workout is complete, and I just have to drink water and eat good for the rest of the day :)
Can't be that hard, can it?

Let me know how your getting on with working out and eating good, and some ideas for a good breakfast will be coming up soon.

Poppy xx

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

My Little Introduction...

Hello Lovelies,

2012 has already begun and resolutions have been made, some also broken and some not started, like mine. My new years resolution was to lose weight and get healthier and fitter, and yes you may say this is like 20 million other peoples resolution. It's a simple one but by no way easy.

I am an 18 year old student and over the past couple of years, going through college and taking numerous exams I have notcied my weight slowly increase and it's something I have let slide but recently I have decided I am not happy. I want to be a weight I am happy and confident with, not super skinny but a comfortable weight.

My goal-

I have a girls holiday coming up in the Summer holidays [July/August] and I want to look and feel confident in what I wear, whether it be a bikini or shorts. I have decided to start my health kick tomorrow and hopefully continue it.

Why Am I Doing This Blog?

I am doing this to motivate myself first and foremost. Seeing it written or typed is something permanant and will hopefully help me push through it, even when it gets hard, which inevitably it will. If there is anyone in my position or just generally wanted to be healthier or see how I go them I would love to here about how your doing.

So hopefully I can give you guys some tips and tricks I have learnt along the way, updates, motivation, good workout apps/programmes/DVD's and song ideas to add to your workout playlist.

Poppy xx